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Greg Germann.

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Info about Greg Germann.

Greg was born in 1962 in Houston, Texas, USA.

Photos of Greg Germann.

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Ally McBeal Cast

Ally McBeal Cast

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Videos featuring Greg Germann.

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Title Role Year
Top 5 Movies featuring Greg Germann.
Down to EarthSklar2001
Miss FirecrackerRonnie Wayne1989
Last Producer, TheReuben Tallridge2000
Whoopee Boys, TheTipper1986
Jesus' SonDr. Shanis1999
Top 4 TV Series featuring Greg Germann.
Ally McBealRichard Fish1997
Ned and StaceyEric 'Rico' Moyer1995
Sweet JusticeAndy Del Sarto (1994-1995)1994
AllyRichard Fish1999
Top 1 Videos featuring Greg Germann.
Making of 'Friends with Money', Theunknown2006

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